Named GP

Patients aged 75 and over – Named GP

You may be aware that from April all practices are required to provide all their patients aged 75 and over with a named GP who will have overall responsibility for the care and support that Great Bentley Surgery provides to them.

We will try to ensure that this is a doctor each patient has seen regularly; however, with over 900 patients’ records to assess we will not get this right for everyone. As such if a patient wants to amend the named GP we have allocated, then they should let us know. We do need to ensure that each doctor has a fair allocation of patients’, so we cannot guarantee to make this change, but we will try.

We will continue to offer an on call service for urgent appointments and any home visits will need to be shared equally among the medical team to allow an efficient service. However it does offer a named doctor to discuss on-going medical conditions in routine appointments should you wish. All our patients can book appointments with other doctors or nurses if they prefer. We hope this scheme offers continuity of care to those who want it whilst continuing to allow the access to urgent appointments in the way that has received such positive feedback in past patient surveys.

Named GP for patients under age 75

From 30th June 2015 all practices around England are required to allocate a named GP for all patient’s under the age of 75. This does not mean that you have to see a specific GP and can request to see any GP you choose. As such this will not affect waiting times of the service we currently offer whatsoever. We have to manage our resources very carefully to match all of our 8,500 patients’ needs, so this is an administrative change only. If you would like to know which doctor’s name have been allocated to you, please ask a member of staff.