Home Visits

If you’re unable to get to the surgery because you’ve got a serious illness, you can call to arrange a home visit. But remember, such visits are for medical, not social or personal reasons.

Lack of transport is NOT an acceptable reason for a visit request. Children can always be brought to the surgery.

It may be that a home visit isn’t the best course of action. It may be suggested that you go to casualty, the minor injuries unit in Clacton, the Colchester walk in centre instead or contact the district nurse or that you get an over the counter medicine from the pharmacy.

It is always better to be seen in a fully equipped GP surgery with proper lighting examination equipment and access to tests.

In the time it takes to see one person at home, your GP could see between two and four patients at the surgery. Wasting time on unnecessary home visits can delay someone else getting the (sometimes life-saving) treatment they need.

If a home visit is necessary, however, you’ll get one. Please phone as soon as possible after 08:00. While waiting for the doctor, make sure your phone line is kept free – and if you feel better or decide you are well enough to go out, let the doctor know straight away.

If after reading this information you still believe a home visit is necessary, please call the surgery on 01206 250691 and let us know. You will then receive a call back from one of the GPs to arrange a visit.